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75m Cable 4mm Twin
75m Cable 4mm Twin
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01.Wheel Track Metal Pin Anchor
02.Proximity Tag
03.Remote TMT Boxer/Terrier/Mastiff
04.Long Range E8 Remote
05.Gear Rack (Heavy)
06.Remote CTR 50, 48, 34 and 31, slide 500 or swing DC12V
07.25m Cable 1.5mm 2 core
08.Safety Beams (photocell)
09.PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat
10.Keypad Outdoor Shroud Black


Who are we?

EASYgate are a dynamic Bay of Plenty based company, who specialise in the supply of self-fit (DIY) gate automation kits to the to the public direct.

We work primarily on a ´supply only´ basis. Our overheads are low - this saving is passed onto you, the customer. We believe that our prices cannot be beaten, when comparing the specifications of our gate automation kits with our competitors.

Which type: sliding or swing gate?

It is personal choices which type you buy. The swing gate is the easiest to install. The sliding gate is good because of its self-locking ability and space saving advantages but needs concrete footings to be poured thus requiring more installation work.

How does the system open and close?

Swing gate openers are electric worm drive arms that move in and out of the main opener body. This is attached both to the gatepost and part way out on the gate itself. When the remote is pressed the arm moves, so swinging the gate on its hinges to an open or closed position. Sliding gate openers have a motorized gear wheel that moves the gate left or right at a right angle to your driveway.

How are they powered?

There are 3 types of power used, 240v, 12v and solar. All Easysystems 12v swing and sliding openers have re-chargeable batteries installed inside the control box which provide the power to drive the opener´s powerful internal 12v worm drive motor. The batteries require trickle charging by 240v main´s power through a transformer, which produce 12volt (low voltage) current to the control panel. Solar panels can also perform this task using the sun for energy - ideal for remote locations. EASYgate 240volt LS-18 and LS-22 sliding openers rely on "main´s power" direct to the motor and are not equipped with battery backup.

How does the remote controller work?

Both swing and sliding gate openers include small remote controllers, which activate the opener, just like an automatic garage door. To OPEN or CLOSE the gate, simply push the button on the remote control ONCE. There are 2 types of remotes, rolling code which you can add extra remotes to and 2 channel remotes which have a high security level.

Does it have an automatic closing system?

Yes the system can be programmed to automatically close after a set period of time (i.e. 30 seconds, 150 seconds) - the gate will now close. This automatic closing feature can also be overridden completely by using your remote, leaving you to control the closing of the gate step by step. This overriding feature also allows you to leave the gate in the ´open´ position whilst you are at home. The next time the system is given a command the default returns to auto mode again.

How do visitors without a remote control access my property?

By fitting a keypad, you will allow regular visitors such as the power meter reader, post man, employee’s etc entry by inserting a 4 digit code which will in turn operate the gate. The system can store up to 34 individual access codes - which can be changed easily. If you do not wish to give out an access code then you have the following options:

  • Leave the gate open whilst at home by switching off the automatic closing function.
  • Order additional remote controllers for regular visitors (2 x supplied as standard)
  • Leave a remote controller in a predetermined place for visitors to access (i.e. a letterbox)
  • Fit a hard-wired access button to a wall or post on both sides of you gate setup. This method is popular when installed inside the property in conjunction with the keypad (installed on the outside of gate) to allow people out of your property.
  • Leave your contact phone number at the gate for visitors to ring for access.
  • Install a doorbell intercom system that allows visitors to communicate to you inside the house. You can fit a long range antenna and use a remote to open the gates from inside your house up to 100m away.

What happens in the event of a power cut?

If you have bought a 12v gate operator equipped with backup battery, it ensures that gates can be opened even in the event of a power failure. Depending on the charge-state of the batteries at the time of the power failure, you should be able to complete many cycles until power is returned. On most of our swing and slider openers, we include a release key to un-lock the motor mechanism for manual use.

What happens when the gate hits an object whilst completing a cycle?

Safety features of the EASYgate gateopener is the ability of the opener to stop when contact is made with the gate, allowing time for the hazard to be removed. The motor force setting can be adjusted to suit the gate size and weight. You can fit optional EASYgate infrared safety beams to detect objects in the gate´s path. These are placed between gate posts.

Can I install opener systems myself?

Yes, in most cases anyone who is competent at DIY should be able to follow our instructions. Where there is 240v mains power connections, these must be connected by a qualified electrician.

What tools do I need?

You need some general tools, but it depends on the kind of automation you choose. Our instructions indicate the items you must have before you begin the installation.

What materials are not included in your kit?

See the product specification of each individual kit on this website; in theory the kits are all inclusive for a standard fit-out. Wire to supply power to the control box is not included.

Is it possible to automate my existing gate?

Yes. You can install our automatic gate-opening systems on almost any type of gate. Swing gates that open into your property is the most popular but our openers can also work on a PUSH TO OPEN mode allowing gates to open towards the outside of your property.

Where can I buy EASYgate products?

You can buy our products direct from us. You can order them on the Internet on this website, by phone/fax.

How long are your EASYgate products warranted for?

All our motors and components come with a 12 or 24 month warranty depending on model.

What additional safety features are available?

We recommend you fit infrared Safety Beams between the gate posts. They send a beam between the eyes at waist level and when this beam is broken by an object or person, the gates will stop the close function.

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